Sudurnes Comprehensive College

Sudurnes Comprehensive College
Sunnubraut 36
230 Reykjanesbær
Phone: 00354-4213100
Fax: 00354-4213107
E-mail: fss@fss.is

Kristján Ásmundsson (kristjan.asmundsson@fss.is)
Assistant Headmaster:
Guðlaug M. Pálsdóttir (gudlaug.palsdottir@fss.is)
Course Directors:
Elín Rut Ólafsdóttir (elin.rut.olafsdottir@fss.is)
Ægir Karl Ægisson (aegir.aegisson@fss.is)
Finance Director:
Sonja Sigurðardóttir (sonja.sigurdardottir@fss.is)

Sudurnes Comprehensive College was established in 1976 in collaboration between the State and the municipalities of Suðurnes. The school has a modular system, and is progressive, offering a diverse curriculum in both classical and vocational education for students over 16 years of age.

Sudurnes Comprehensive College is roughly comparable with tertiary level schools in Britain and the last two years of High School and the first  year of College in the United States. The diploma received after completing the academic field of studies qualifies students for entrance to Icelandic universities and is recognized by most European and North American universities.

Sudurnes Comprehensive College is organized on a unit-credit basis. The school year is divided into two terms of 15 weeks each plus two weeks of examinations (terms run from August through December and January through May). Most academic courses are five credit courses.


Fields of Study offered

Social Studies
Elective Studies
Sports and Public Health
Fine Arts
Computer Science

For students who have not finished the requirements for entering a specific field, the school offers remedial courses.

Practical (assistant) nursing
Building and Construction
Electrical Technology
Marine Engineering

Shorter fields:
General Studies
Air Mechanic
Sports and Public Health
Building and Construction
Fine Arts
Computer Servicing

For further information about fields of study contact the school counsellors.

Special Education
The program for students with special needs works towards preparing students to deal with the challenges they may face in the future.

Services offered
Student Union

The counselling service aids students in choosing a field of study and courses. Appointments can be made through the school office. The service of psychologist is by appointment and/or referrals. For more information about the activities sponsored by the student union go to nfs.is.

FS has all the modern amenities to serve the student population. There are fully equipped workshops for vocational studies, several computer labs, science labs, as well as all staples such as a cafeteria, library, assembly hall, teacher, administrative and student union offices. All physical education courses are taught in nearby facilities.

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