Welcome to FS - Useful Information

Welcome to Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurnesja. We hope you do well in your studies and enjoy your time here. Below are the things you need to keep in mind at the beginning of the school year. We also encourage you to turn to your teachers or counsellors if you need assistance or have any questions. ÍSLENSKA

Web and social media

The school's website is www.fss.is, where you can find information about the school, study programs and courses, policies and rules. The website also features news and pictures from school events. The school is also on Facebook and Instagram (#fsskoli) where news and announcements are posted.

The Inna school information system

The secondary school information system in Iceland is called Inna. Students must have an Íslykill or electronic ID to login to the system. It is essential that students can login to Inna from the beginning of the school year with their own ID, using parents/guardians access is not enough. Inna holds information about students' studies, study history, grades, attendance, etc. In many courses Inna is also used to turn in assignments, take tests and send messages. Students have to register their private e-mail address in Inna to receive messages from teachers and announcements from the school.

Writing materials and stationery

Secondary schools do not provide students with writing materials and stationery. Students need to bring pencils and pens, other stationery such as erasers, rulers and pencil sharpeners as well as notebooks and folders as neede. In some courses drawing tools, coloured pencils, calculators etc. are required. Students can buy pencils at the office and library for 150 krónur.

Lost and found

The school does not take responsibility for students belongings but they can get a locker to store their possessions. When students leave coats or bags at school they are not removed by staff. Smaller and more valuable items such as phones, wallets, credit cards and keys are taken to the school office and can be collected there.

Illness and absences

Parents/guardians of students under the age of 18 must report their absence through illness by registering it in Inna or by calling or sending an e-mail to the school office. Students who have reached the age of 18 can report absence through illness themselves. Students must report other absences like doctor´s visits by filling out a form at the office. An explanation for the absence is then registered in Inna. When a teacher is ill or absent classes are canceled unless otherwise announced. Students receive an e-mail with a notification of the teacher's absence which is also posted on information screens.

Lesson plans

A lesson plan is issued for every course. Lesson plans are on the school's website and in Inna. The lesson plan contains a description of the course and information about textbooks, assessment, attendance and other rules that apply in the course. There is also a weekly schedule for the semester with information about reviews, assignments, exams, etc. Students are encouraged to use lesson plans to plan their studies.

Timetables and changes

Students access their timetable in Inna and have to make sure they have been assigned to the courses they need to graduate. At the beginning of the semester older students can make changes to their timetable. The changes are made in Inna and instructions are on the school's website. Councellors can assist students on what changes to make but students must always login to Inna themselves to make the changes. The last day to make changes to timetables is Friday, August 26th. Please note that new students cannot change their timetables.

Withdrawal from a course

If students do not intend to complete a course in their timetable they must withdraw from that course. It is done by filling out a form at the office. The last day to withdraw from a course is usually about two weeks after the semester starts and can be found on the school calendar. If a student has not withdrawn from a course before that date the student is enrolled in the course for the rest of the semester and will be registered as absent for lessons not attended.

Computer passwords

All students need a password to use the school's computers, both desktop computers and laptops. Students also use the password to access the school´s cloud storage where they can safely store documents and data. Students can use the computer password to download Microsoft Office to their own computers and devices, instructions are on the school's website. The IT manager sends passwords to all students by e-mail at the beginning of the school year. Students can also get their password at the school library.


Students who own or have access to laptop computers are encouraged to use them at school. Students have access to a wireless network in the school for their own laptops and smart devices. Laptops can be borrowed from the school library for one period.

School lockers

Students have access to school lockers in several locations in the school. Students simply bring their own padlock, lock the locker they have chosen and use that locker for the school year. At the end of the school year locks that have not been removed are forced open and the lockers are emptied.

School office

The school office provides information about the school and school activities. Students turn in applications and medical certificates at the office and fill out forms to report absences, withdraw from a course etc. The office also issues official academic records and certificates of school attendance. Band-aids, pain medication and feminine hygiene products  are available from the office.


The school cafeteria offers free porridge every morning. At lunch time hot meals are available for 1.000 krónur but meals cost 900 krónur if 20 meal tokens are bought. Menu for the week is posted on the school´s web site. The canteen also offers sandwiches, wraps, pasta trays, skyr, drinks etc.


The school library offers traditional library services such as loans and information service, printing and photocopying. Laptops, headphones and calculators can be borrowed from the library for one period. Students can get access to their computer password at the library.


The school has a small bookshop which is at the library. It only sells booklets and exercise books from teachers. Books that are sold in the bookshop are marked Bóksala FS in Inna and on the booklist on the school's website. Other textbooks are sold in regular bookstores. 


Counsellors look after the welfare of students and are bound by a duty of confidentiality. Student and career counsellors provide students with assistance related to their studies, academic and career choice and personal welfare. Appointments can be made at the school office and on the school's website. The school social worker helps students who have social, academic and/or emotional problems and helps them identify their strengths and harness them. An appointment can be made with the school social worker at rannveig.ragnarsdottir@fss.is.


The school caretaker is in charge of the school building, grounds, equipment, safety and security. Students have to contact him to get access to classrooms, equipment etc. The caretaker also looks after school lockers.

IT Manager

The IT manager is in charge of the school's computers and equipment. He looks after computers and printers and students' access to them. The IT manager issues students' computer passwords and students must contact him if their passwords do not work.